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The most popular standard plan is "Online Japanese Lessons (1-on-1) / 60min."

From everyday conversation to business! We would like to deliver Japanese lessons that will be loved by all those studying Japanese.

Trial Lessons

~Let's read fun stories in Japanese! ~

Japanese Stories

Monogatari series list

A stylish crow traveler and a bear

Donkey and Olive in Lion Skin

The Emperor 's New Clothes

The Shepherd Boy, the Tortoise and the Hare

Flying Trunk The North Wind and the Sun

Dog and Rooster Dad never does anything wrong

The Golden Axe, the Silver Axe: The Origin of the Zodiac

Little Red Riding Hood, Town Musicians of Bremen

December's Gifts: Country Mouse and City Mouse

The Fox and the Vine Jack and the Beanstalk

Hansel and Gretel Thumbelina

The Three Little Pigs The Ugly Duckling

The Snow Queen and the Frog in the Well

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats Part 1 The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats Part 2

Cat in boots part 1 Cat in boots part 2

Lion and Rabbit Meeting

Nutcracker part 1 Nutcracker part 2

Mermaid part 1Mermaid part 2

The tablecloth given by the north wind part 1 The tablecloth given by the north wind part 2

The old man's horse part 1 The old man's horse part 2 Sour grapes

The Happy Prince Part 1The Happy Prince Part 2

The Mouse's Wedding in Furuya Forest

Do n't cross this bridge.

Secret Candy Monkey and Crab

Flower-blooming old man rolling around with rice balls

Duck and Gonbei Momotaro

Old Lady Abandonment Mountain Kasajizo

The Gratitude of the Crane

Urashima Taro and Kintaro

Heaven and Hell

Princess Kaguya and the Tongue- Cut Sparrow

Cat and Mouse Sumo Part 1

Mouse Sumo Part 2: The Liar Monk

Why is the back of a shrimp curved? Part 1 Why is the back of a shrimp curved? Part 2

Straw Millionaire part 1 Straw Millionaire part 2

Tanukibayashi at Shojoji Temple part 1 Tanukibayashi at Shojoji Temple part 2

The Mysterious Drum of the God of Poverty and the God of Fortune

The Curse of Oiwa and the Leaving of Her

Three bills child -raising wife

Snow Woman Part 1

Snow woman part 2

Stingy Centipede's Errand

Jugemu Manju is scary

Meguro's Sanma

Level 1 The Fox and the Crane Rolling Rice Ball

Level 2 The Ant and the Cricket Little Red Riding Hood

Level 3 The Tortoise and the Rabbit Momotaro

Level 4 Secret Candy Bremen Town Musicians

Level 5 Flowering Old Man: Dog and Rooster

Level 6 December Gift: Centipede's Errand

Level 7 Little Red Riding Hood The Emperor's New Clothes

Level 8 Golden Axe, Silver Axe Traveler and Bear

Level 9 Country mice and city mice

Level 10 Mouse Wedding Flying Trunk

Level 11 The crane's gratitude The origin of the zodiac

Level 12 The North Wind and the Sun Furuya no Mori

Level 13: Rolling Rice Balls: Secret Candy

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JLS accepts lesson reservations 365 days a year!

Weekly Calendar/Currently, we are able to provide smooth service on Sundays, holidays, and during the day on weekdays (※Online lesson reservations)

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Welcome to Japanese language school in Shinjuku / Face-to-face class


Office name

LLC Japanese Learning Support


2nd floor, Entre Salon Building, 2-12-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

telephone number
Telephone reception hours

9:00-20:00 (Regular business hours 7:30-23:30)

Regular holiday

Open all year round


Toshiyuki Kusuda


Japanese Learning Support LLC is a language school in Shinjuku. Our office is conveniently located a 1-minute walk from the nearest station, Shinjuku-sanchome Station (Toei Shinjuku Line), and an 8-minute walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station. It continues to be chosen by many people for its ease of access and bright classroom atmosphere. Nowadays, we have seen a large number of people coming to Japan from various countries to pursue their work or studies.
We will meet the needs of those who want to speak Japanese in all situations, including daily life and business situations. If you want to start learning Japanese, please try one-on-one private lessons with a professional Japanese teacher at least once.

All teachers are looking forward to your lesson requests.

About us

Language class specializing in Japanese

I want students to have the option of "private" classes for studying.

Specializing in "Japanese as a foreign language"

Welcome to the language school taught by professional Japanese teachers.

Japanese Learning Support LLC started in 2016 as a traveling tutor business mainly in Tokyo.

Currently, our main product is "online individual classes" that allow us to provide classes to people both in Japan and abroad, regardless of time or place.


From ``mysterious words that I don't understand''...

One of our basic principles is that we want our language to be treated as a ``speakable foreign language.''

Since its inception, we have continued to provide services for training language skills in ``Japanese as a foreign language,'' ranging from sounds, letters, words, and grammar to practical communication that requires cultural knowledge.

Our professional Japanese language teachers guarantee that everyone who takes our lessons will definitely improve their language skills.

I have accumulated many emotional and memorable times with people from various backgrounds, including businessmen, students, and housewives (husbands), with truly diverse lifestyles, hobbies, and languages. I'm here.

"I was able to travel in Japanese"

“I was able to talk to my friends.”

“My presentation was praised at work.”

"I passed the exam."

"I got my visa"

"I got promoted."

And I understood Japanese!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has worked hard to study in our lessons.

The "Japanese language skills" you have acquired through our lessons are the result of your own efforts, and are undoubtedly invaluable skills.

I hope that the results of studying Japanese will lead to a wonderful future, and I sincerely wish everyone who has a connection to Japan success.

Our Japanese language school is completely reservation-based, so I think the good thing about it is that you can design your schedule and budget as you like.

We are open all year round and accept reservations from 7:30am - 11:30pm Japan time.

Let's start learning Japanese! If you feel that way, please try taking lessons from a professional teacher with a wealth of experience and know-how.

You'll be able to see an amazing overview of Japanese, and you'll definitely find some tips for studying.

We welcome visitors from overseas.

FAQ: Click here for "Frequently Asked Questions"

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Thank you for your visit!


about our classroom

I would like to say hello to everyone who is considering private lessons to study Japanese.

We hope that the lessons we prepare will be a good support for your improvement in Japanese.

2016 was the year the first South American Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro.

As a “class that supports the study of Japanese widely and deeply”, I thought that I could respond to the demand volume of lessons and release them to the world, which led to the current Japanese Language Learning Support LLC.

You can receive Japanese language education at various institutions including schools. From studying abroad to getting a job, obtaining various visas, and learning the Japanese language, the environment is well-developed and will continue to develop into a more fulfilling one.

We are a team of professional Japanese teachers and consultants. We design the lessons and implement the training necessary to reach the target level of language proficiency.

First of all, it is my responsibility to achieve "visible improvement in Japanese in one month", and to use my professional skills as a teacher to achieve steady improvement regardless of the first language or other environments.

"I wish there was a Japanese class like this."

"It would be nice if such a teacher really existed."

With this in mind, Nihongo Learning Support LLC, a language school in Shinjuku, has been formed, and it is a classroom for online Japanese lessons.

We are lesson sellers.

To put it in a slightly rough way, it would be a "specialty store for studying Japanese".

Foreign languages are difficult.

While studying from scratch and remembering words and rules little by little, I hit a wall. Even if you think you understand what you're saying, it's normal that you can't understand most of it.

I think it's a learning subject that is easy to disperse while the direction of study itself is working hard.

Then, what should one study to be able to speak Japanese?

"There is a definite answer."

Analyze the foreign language of Japanese as a system and memorize and accumulate the necessary knowledge. Listen to the sounds and put words together into sentences. You can handle the "technology" of Japanese at the speed of communication called dialogue.

I want to practice training for that.

I thought it would be wonderful if I could get support from a Japanese language learning specialist who would definitely be able to speak Japanese when I came here.

Since the start of our team's service in 2016, Japanese Learning Support LLC's private lessons have received strong support as a place of learning, sharing class time with people all over the world.

As a team of teachers involved in Japanese language education activities, we will continue to earnestly strive to support learning.

We hold free consultation meetings during the daytime on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday, and trial lessons are always available free of charge when you apply for the first time. Please take advantage of it.

■ For those who start studying Japanese from scratch,

■ For advanced students aiming for native level,

■ For those who have become accustomed to their Japanese,

Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to come and study Japanese with our lessons.

"I wish there was a school like this."

Our philosophy is to fulfill your wishes.

Representative teacher Toshiyuki Kusuda