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To improve your Japanese skills, please leave it to one-on-one private lessons and lessons with professional teachers.

We support the learning of Japanese for those who come from overseas.

Do you have any troubles in Japanese, troubles in your life or work?

■ Daily conversation and pronunciation correction training

■ Study for exams such as JLPT and BJT

■ Business Japanese lessons

If you can understand Japanese, your life in Japan will be richer,

If you can speak Japanese well, you will be able to enjoy the charm of Japan even more.

Learning a foreign language is difficult.

But don't give up.

We support the language proficiency of people from overseas, from the "startup step" to the 10th level of native level.

Now, if you want to try your hand at Japanese, let's start a lesson at the Koharu Japanese Language Office in Shinjuku.

You will find amazing Japanese discoveries and your ideal teacher.

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Trial class is a free 30-minute meeting, make a reservation once you have decided on the schedule / Open every day 7:30am-11:30pm

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Welcome to the Japanese language class in Shinjuku


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Koharu Japanese Office


2nd floor, Shinjuku 2-12-13, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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9:00-20:00 (Normal business hours 7:30-23:30)

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Toshiyuki Kusuda


Koharu Japanese Office is a language school in Shinjuku. The office is located in a good location, a 1-minute walk from the nearest station, Shinjuku Sanchome Station (Toei Shinjuku Line), and an 8-minute walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station. It continues to be chosen by many people for its easy access and bright classroom atmosphere. In recent years, we have seen a large number of people come to Japan from various countries and play an active role in their work and studies.
We will respond to the needs of "I want to speak Japanese" in every situation, including daily life and business situations. If you want to start learning Japanese, please try one-on-one private lessons with a professional Japanese teacher.

All teachers are waiting for your request for lessons.

About us

Japanese Language Class

We look forward to receiving requests from overseas visitors.

Specializing in Japanese as a Foreign Language,

Welcome to a language school taught by professional Japanese teachers.

Our lessons are only private lessons by appointment.

Daily from 7:30am to 11:30pm

We will prepare classes to solve all kinds of Japanese problems.

■ Daily conversation and pronunciation correction lessons

■Business Japanese/JLPT exam training

In addition to the basic curriculum above

We will support your career advancement in various situations such as various examinations, further education, employment and career change in the form of improving your Japanese language skills.

If you can understand Japanese, you can enjoy Japan more.

If you can speak Japanese well, your life in Japan will be much more attractive.

Koharu Japanese Office opened in 2016,

Since then, I have been engaged in Japanese language education and consulting work with a lot of support, mainly from people living in Japan.

We will solve any troubles and consultations about learning Japanese.

Now, if you want to start learning Japanese, let's try one-on-one lessons at Koharu Japanese Office.

I'm sure many discoveries and encounters are waiting for you.

We will do our best to support everyone coming from overseas.

*The following is an excerpt of the greetings from the former system of Koharu Japanese Language Office (formerly "Japanese Consultation Office Koharu"), a business trip tutor. as our basic educational philosophy

(Omitted) Well, it may be sudden, but the most widely used language in the world today is probably English. The way you perceive it will also change depending on your way of thinking and perspective, but Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German... There are a wide variety of languages, and there are as many languages as there are cultures and ethnic groups. In this 21st century, as globalization progresses, distances around the world have become much closer, and foreign countries and the world outside of the sea have become more familiar to us. Among them, in addition to purely bilingual and trilingual people who have been nurtured by their environment, the number of people who have acquired a second or third language as a foreign language and who can freely speak two or more languages is increasing. . If you can handle languages deeply and broadly, the field of activity will expand more and more, and it can be said that human resources who have mastered multiple languages are currently in demand in all situations. A large number of foreigners have come to visit Japan, and it is not only tourists who are visiting Japan, but the number of foreign nationals who live in "a foreign country called Japan" is increasing.
Koharu Japanese Language Office sincerely hopes that all those who learn Japanese as a foreign language will enjoy experiencing and absorbing Japanese culture at the same time as studying the language. We support foreign people who have been lucky enough to consult with us about Japanese so that learners can perform as desired in all situations, from daily life to business scenes at work and academics. I have been doing it. We strive to provide "concentration and continuity of lessons" centered on individual instruction by experienced professional Japanese teachers, and teachers work together to achieve their own goals with many users. I have walked. Looking back, there were a surprising number of Japanese classroom scenes, each one of which left a deep impression on me. We will continue to expand our language learning support so that the Koharu Japanese Language Office in Shinjuku will continue to be the Japanese language classroom that everyone who learns Japanese can continue to choose.

We hope that familiarity with Japan and the Japanese language will be of irreplaceable value, and that it will be of great significance to all students.

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I want you to know more about Japan

Japanese is a skill that enhances life and work in Japan.

Learning Japanese as a foreign language brings various benefits to everyone who learns it, and at the same time, there is no doubt that it is of great significance and value to those around us who are from Japan. If everyone who knocks on the door of the Japanese language class polishes their own language skills, they will naturally build bridges with many people. New discoveries and wonderful encounters are sure to await, whether in the trivial aspects of everyday life or in the business setting. And in the process of learning Japanese, it is not just a matter of concentrating on the genre of "study", it is a journey of learning and discovery that requires a lot of effort, and at the same time, it is a way to get to know Japan fundamentally. I want you to be I think that you have the goal of coming into contact with Japanese people and Japanese culture before you learn the Japanese language. Regardless of the content, I would like you to enjoy learning about Japan and its culture, worrying at times, laughing at times, and discovering "Japan" in your own way. Knowing the language is to know different cultures and people's hearts, unexpected encounters and surprising experiences make your heart beat faster. Koharu's teacher's unchanging educational philosophy is to help build a bridge between everyone and Japan.

Koharu Japanese Language Office is a Japanese language school for personal training. If you want to start learning Japanese, please take a trial class at least once. I'm sure you'll find the time to learn Japanese that you've been looking for, and a teacher that makes you think, "I wish I had a teacher like this!" The good thing about personal training is that you can easily coordinate the course frequency, environment, and budget according to your goals. Furthermore, in today's special times, online meetings are a new form of language learning that is expected to take hygiene into consideration, and at the same time, it is a useful tool that is expected to improve learning efficiency. We would like to realize a safe classroom activity and a convincing Japanese time according to the current trend.

If you want to learn Japanese, try your best with a one-on-one lesson from a professional teacher.

●From the first Japanese startup,

● Simple conversation training

● Support for business, higher education, and exams

Correction of pronunciation and speaking style for advanced students,

For Japanese learning and consultation, please leave it to the classroom in Shinjuku, the online Japanese lesson and the Koharu Japanese office.

Looking back from 2020, it's been a long time, three years now, and the spread and impact of infectious diseases have continued to cast a shadow over us.

There are times when it seems like nothing but adversity no matter where you look.


Let's look at three more months ahead this year and work hard without losing.

Improving yourself, working, studying, and working hard will surely make your life richer and more colorful.

May the fall of 2022 soon be a season of more success and great leaps.

We are always waiting for everyone who is working hard on Japanese.

Koharu Japanese Office Teachers

Representative teacher Toshiyuki Kusuda